Where we are

Chiari is located in the south-west of the province of Brescia. Chiari is the twelfth common of the agricultural region of the Brescia west lowland. Chiari is located at the 138 meter above the sea level and has a population that in 2008 was more than 18 thousand of inhabitants. This city covers an area of 38 square kilometres. Chiari is very near of the bank of the river Oglio. Chiari is not far from the most important city of the north: 25 km from Brescia, 35 km from Bergamo, 66 km from Milan, 90 km from Verona. Lake Iseo is only far 20 km from Chiari. If you want to reach Chiari is very easy because is surrounded from the Milan-Venice railway or at the exit Rovato of the A4 Milan-Venice coming from Venice or Palazzolo s/o if you arrive from Milan. And then there is also the Highway Padana superior Milan-Brescia.


campo palazzetto

These courts are situated in the gym of “Centro Sportivo Comunale”. We use it for regional or national races.

campo geodetico

These courts are situate in the “Geodetico”. We use it for training and regional and national races. Also this structure is part of the “Centro Sportivo Comunale”.

campo toscaniniThese courts are situated in the School “A. Toscanini”. We use these courts just for training.